Free Speech

This time last month, the internet was buzzing with Net Neutrality. Nobody wanted commercial interests injected into the internet, because the internet should allow people to be able to access what they want without impediment. The strange thing is, the internet has never been a particularly neutral place.  Today, for instance, a video was released showing a Twitter engineer talking about what they do to block or “shadow ban” pro-Trump accounts or people who support the 2nd Amendment. Last fall, Facebook was similarly called out for how they curated their news feed as well as their trending news section. And today, the Pew Research indicated that the US media bias is the worst in the world. Of course, Twitter, Facebook, and the US media are all corporations that have a right to do those things. The problem is – it’s not even remotely neutral in any way. Neither Twitter nor Facebook are neutral organizations willing to allow free speech on their platform – both are politically biased, and have used their platforms to further their political agenda. So, the net never was neutral. If you want a neutral internet, fight the companies that create the bias. Hint: it’s not Verizon and Comcast.

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