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Our Mission

Talixa Software & Service, LLC exists to enable people to simplify their work and lives with technology. We provide solutions to address problems, large or small, faced by businesses.

Our Vision

Talixa Software envisions a community where businesses are empowered to achieve success in the competitive world marketplace through superior technology solutions. We develop high-quality products for customers, employ local developers, and strive to redefine Altoona as a regional tech hub.

Our Values

At Talixa, we believe in creating quality products that solve business problems. We believe in integrity, and that trust between customer and service provider is essential. We believe in the value of honest business practices and delivering what we promise. Most importantly, we believe in the power of transforming the world through serving the community around us and across the world. Whether that means mentoring students in computer science or supporting humanitarian efforts around the globe, Talixa wants to make the world a better place.

Our History

Talixa Software & Service, LLC was started in 2013 as a side project to create Android applications. As time went on, we began writing custom software solutions for local businesses and finally became an LLC in 2016. Today, we work with a variety of local customers to develop software solutions and provide technical services to empower their business.

The name Talixa originates from the founder's time playing D&D and Final Fantasy. Talixa comes from the names Tali and Xanthos - both of which were used frequently as names of characters. These two names were shortened to Talixa to create a short, memorable domain name. The name of the company is pronounced ta-LEEK-sa.

Our Community

Talixa Software & Service, LLC is located in Altoona, Pennsylvania and is a member of the the Altoona Area Business Community.
Talixa Software & Service is proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business.