QuickBooks Payment Bug

If you use QuickBooks online, please note that there is a bug on the new invoice screen. Unfortunately, if you click in the wrong text window, credit card payments will be automatically enabled. I have previously enabled ACH, but do not want credit card payments since they have significant fees that I don’t need to deal with in a service industry.

In the below screenshot, you will see a new “Tell your customer how you want to get paid” input box. Previously, the text box at the bottom of the invoice was a note for the customer. This has been moved down further. Notice how Bank, PayPal, and Venmo are enabled.

However, on this screenshot, I have clicked the text input and the credit card options automatically appeared.

On the left side of the screen, you will notice the option to turn credit card back off. However, as I worked through this with QuickBooks support, there were many times that these options did NOT appear. In which case I had to exit the invoice and create a new one.

While I made QuickBooks aware of this issue this evening, it will likely take time to resolve. So, if you use QuickBooks and do not accept credit card payments, be careful of the new interface and double check before you submit to a client!

Security Consulting & Testing Services

For most of my professional career, I have been involved in security in one way or another. When I started my career in the Army, I trained as a Unix System & Network administrator. During that time, I often tinkered with security on our systems. In my first job outside the Army, one of my responsibilities was network security as well as managing offsite backups. Later in my career, I would be responsible for testing software applications for PCI compliance.

This year, I decided to start gaining certifications in the security realm. In March, I earned CompTIA’s Security+ certification. Then, in May, I took the Beta version of CompTIA’s PenTest+ version 2 exam. Today, I received notification that I passed that exam. These certifications shows that I am qualified to test systems for security issues and provide feedback to customers wanting to ensure their systems are as secure as possible.

In addition to computer security testing, I have previously studied locksmithing and physical security. Adding these two skills together gives me lots of avenues to approach security and vulnerability testing for clients – both on their networks and their physical facilities.

If you are interested in having your network security tested, please reach out to Talixa Software & Service, LLC for more information.

Now on WordPress!

Today, I have upgraded my blog to use WordPress. Woohoo! Up till this point, I had been using the built-in blog plugin for RapidWeaver. It works nice, but WordPress will help me take my blogging to the next level. Most importantly, I can now blog from anywhere instead of just my home machine. The bad news? Links I have tweeted or posted on my LinkedIn page are now broken. So, I’ll be working to fix that and to make the style between my main site and my blog look more… well… consistent.