Planning & Execution

January is a month when people plan changes for their life. Some will change their diet, others will start exercising. I have decided to focus on setting and meeting my goals this year.  Having a full-time job in addition to running my own business leaves little time to be wasted – so I really need to be intentional with how I spend my time in order to achieve my goals. In order to learn how to better achieve my goals, I have been reading books and watching videos online. One key point I see over and over in achieving goals is to take action. You can’t talk about what you’re going to do – you need too start doing it! This applies to anything in life – but today I was pondering how it applies to software development. If we want to release a piece of software, we have to start writing software. But here’s the problem – all too often is seems that too little time is spent planning how to write the software. We focus so intently on the end goal of releasing a software application that we ignore coding standards, fail to document code, avoid refactoring, etc. In the end, we meet the goal – but we end up with unmaintainable spaghetti code. So, while we may have met the goal, we end up ensuring that future development will take more time and be littered with potential problems. And, ironically, while we met the original goal, we could have likely released early if we had simply spent more time upfront planning direction of the code, determining good data models, etc. So, while inaction will paralyze any project, improper action will will end up being just as counter-productive.

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