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Tech Services

Talixa Software & Service does more than write software. We can also provide network and system admin services as well as social media management.

System & Network Administration

Most small businesses can't afford to hire full-time system or network administrators. However, that doesn't mean you can't have access to expert service. If you are a small business in need of occasional support for your network, we can provide provide you with certified computer and network technicians. Installation of network equipment or new computers, setup of anti-virus or microsoft office, or user support issues, we can provide solutions for any tech support issues your business may have.

Social Media Management

Everyone wants to reach out to prospective customers via social media, but few companies actually put much effort into developing content for Twitter. Talixa has a variety of packages available to help you improve your social media follower base. We can help with blog posts, Twitter posts, audience growth, and a variety of other social media tasks.

Web Development

Talixa has numerous developers available to help you create or maintain your website. Whether you want a simple website or a large eCommerce site, we can help your business create a professional web presence.