Why Do I Write Code?

Today, I was read an article asking why you do whatever it is you do. If you are trying to sell to a customer, they’re not interested in what you sell but rather why you sell it. You may sell widgets, but people don’t buy widgets for the sake of having widgets – they buy widgets for whatever it is they do – the why. In my business, people don’t buy code – they don’t care about code. What they do care about is the why. Why do I write code? I write code to simplify business processes, to improve operational efficiency, to increase revenue, to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines, and to simply make my client’s life easier. People buy those things! As a business, wouldn’t you pay for operational efficiency, increased revenue, and easier compliance management? Software can have an impact on every facet of a business and take your business to the next level. Don’t waste your time doing tasks that aren’t generating maximum revenue for your organization – find software solutions to solve those problems so you can spend your time having a real impact on your business by focusing your talents where they will generate the most revenue!

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