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Sample Software Applications

Talixa Software & Service, LLC has written numerous applications - both open source and commercial. Below is a sample of some of the publicly available software we've developed.
Comm Tools
Below are a variety of applications that are part of the Comm Tools package. These apps are all open source. Source code as well as bug tracker are available on BitBucket.
Spectrum Analyzer Screenshot
Signal Analyzer is a Java-based spectrum analyzer with optional oscilloscope and waterfall display. Demodulators are available for PSK31, RTTY, and DTMF. Additional features include tone generator and audio mixer.
BitView Screenshot
BitView enables analysis of binary data. it is useful for analyzing output from programs or to examine demodulated data from radio signals. Data can also be viewed as text, in a variety of coding formats including ASCII, EBCIDIC, and Baudot.
Steganos Screenshot
Steganos is a simple tool for embedding and extracting text from image files. Various manipulations of the text can be performed including reversing bit order, inverting bits, and changing the encoding.
Crypto Tool Screenshot
Crypto Tool allows for simple encryption and decryption of text data. Output encryption is base64 encoded for easily insertion into images, databases, emails, or anywhere where text data is desired.
Radio Log Screenshot
Radio Log is a tool for anyone who listens to shortwave, monitors utility stations, or looks for numbers stations to log stations they have heard.
RF Eval Screenshot
RF Eval calculates effective power output from an antenna and determines whether an OET-65 RF evaluation is required.
Mobile Apps
Talixa has a variety of applications available for both Android and iOS. This includes software for encryption, ham radio, steganography, herbalism, foraging, survival, and games.
Ham Radio Tools for iOS
Pocket Forager for Android
Emergency Supplies
Secure Mail for Android
Lights Out
Ham Radio Log Screenshot
Antenna Tool for iOS Screenshot
Antenna Tool
Ham Radio Log for iOS Screenshot
Ham Radio Tools Screenshot
Our most popular mobile apps are Ham Radio Log, Antenna Tool, and Ham Radio Tools - available for both Android and iOS. These tools provide ham radio operators with tools for calculating antenna length for a variety of antenna types, calculating effective radiated output, and for logging ham radio contacts - as well as other functions.
Tech Lib
Tech Lib is a project to pull together a variety of custom libraries I have used on applications into one library. It includes a variety of functions for Artificial Intelligence, audio manipulation, cryptography, math, and other topics. Tech Lib is open source and available for use under the MIT License.